Workshop: Building Data Literacy with the Teaching Profession at Global Scale

On March 18, 2021, the online workshop “Building Data Literacy with the Teaching Profession at Global Scale“ took place. The workshop was organised by Sigrid Hartong together with Sam Sellar (Manchester Metropolitan University) and addressed anyone interested in data literacy from the education sector, academia as well as data literacy initiatives.

Goals of the event were:

to share knowledge and experience, and identify opportunities for further work and international collaboration.

The event aimed to provide:

(1) insights into the present state of datafication in education and the challenges it creates;

(2) a platform for initiatives, groups and projects around the globe to share experiences of developing data literacy with teachers and teacher organisations in different contexts, and to address common challenges; and

(3) an opportunity to discuss how we can develop and advance strategies for building data literacy at global scale.

You can find a report about the workshop, the recorded keynote presentations as well as the abstracts by all participants online.