Interesting Projects & Networks

Initiatives and networks with similar goals as UNBLACK THE BOX


Non-profit organisation that supports critical scrutiny of algorithmic decision-making, particularly regarding the prediction of human decisions and automated decision-making.

Competendo – The Digital Toolbox

Emerging from the “DIGIT-AL” project, the Competendo Toolbox offers an entire collection of learning and teaching resources on digital education and topics around algorithms, AI and data protection. The handbook “Learning the Digital” [LINK] is particularly helpful as it contains diverse lesson plans that illustrate how a rights-based and political education about digitisation can look like.

CS Unplugged

Digital collection of free teaching material that helps to teach computer science through tasks and games involving cards, twine, crayons and other activities.


This website of a data protection officer from North-Rhine Westphalia offers many useful insights on informational self-determination in the context of schools. The site aims to highlight pragmatic approaches to implement data protection in schools.

DataSkop – Simulator zu Plattformdynamiken

The platform dynamics simulator was built as part of the DataSkop- pilot project and is intended to be used in media education settings. It illustrates how recommender algorithms work, which are used in many internet services such as shopping websites or social media platforms. The simulator allows users to interactively try out how these algorithms affect the displayed content.

Data Smart Schools – enhancing the use of digital data in secondary schools

This project was developed by Australian colleagues from Melbourne to foster a better understanding of the role of digital data in schools as well as possibilities for a better use. In cooperation with schools, the project develops innovative data tools and technologies.

Defend Digital Me

British initiative for the protection of childrens’ and families’ privacy and the promotion of safe, fair and transparent datafication in education and beyond.

Fair Data Cultures in Higher Education

“Fair Data Cultures in Higher Education” is a Spanish initiative that focuses on data practices in Higher Education, offering, for instance, a series of webinars on the topic. Moreover, the initiative collates practical experiences concerning data literacy on its website, and presents further research projects.

Initiative Bildung und digitaler Kapitalismus

The initiative was launched in autumn 2021 and represents an active, self-determined and competent use of digital media in the context of a comprehensive understanding of education and media education. Digital-capitalist formation processes are critically discussed and alternative, sustainable development paths are fostered.

Projekt BIG DATA – Medienkritik 4.0 des jfc Medienzentrums 

The office for child and youth media work in Cologne and North-Rhine Westphalia offers pedagogical activities, advice, qualifications and other services at the interface of media, culture and education. Their project BIG DATA is funded by the Federal Agency for Civic Education and critically approaches the topics of big data analytics for youth media work and develops materials for educators and youth on these topics.

Understanding DATA Praxis + Politics 

In a datafied world where algorithms and data have long been political, this project intends to train pedagogues from different areas in their critical data literacy. New OERs (open educational resources) are created that provide educators from different disciplines with materials and analytical tools, and existing resources and tools are recommended.