The EdTechReflector

The EdTechReflector provides concrete support for anyone who wants to explore the pedagogical implications of a digital education technology (e.g., a learning software, an app) from various perspectives:

  • How are learning contents prepared didactically and methodologically within the educational medium?
  • How are students guided through their learning process?
  • How does the technology provide feedback to students and make their learning process visible?
  • How is the students’ learning progress displayed to teachers?
  • What other aspects are important for assessing a digital education technology?

Therefore, the EdTechReflector is suitable not only for selecting digital education media and deciding on their specific use in teaching, but also for the training and further education of educational professionals. You can also use parts of it (e.g., only one question). The German teachers’ union GEW (article in German) further recommends our EdTechReflector as a tool for the pedagogical reflection of digital education technologies.

Download the EdTechReflector to your local computer, test it, and share your experiences with us (!

EdTechReflector Screenshot (Eng)

Tutorial video for the EdTechReflector
(4 minutes)

Technical requirements and instructions for using the EdTechReflector:

1. The EdTechReflector is an interactive PDF document. To use the interactive features, Adobe Acrobat Reader on a desktop PC or laptop is required. Unfortunately, in the current version, it is not possible to use the EdTechReflector on a smartphone or tablet. We warmly invite all users to contribute to the further development of the tool, for example in regard to the usability through alternative software and on other devices.

2. The interactive PDF format allows you to select answer options in the document and enter text in the open fields. To do this, click on the respective answer boxes and open text fields. When you click on the same answer box a second time, you will return to the answer options. This way, you can first click through all answer options and later decide which answers (= info boxes) you want to select.

3. Don’t forget to save the edited document on your computer! You can share saved versions with others by sending the PDF, for example as an email attachment.

4. The EdTechReflector is available under a free license (CC BY-SA 4.0). In line with this, you are allowed to redistribute the entire PDF document, use it in public and private contexts, remix or adapt it, or add your own content – as long as you publish any modified versions under a free license and attribute the development team (UNBLACK THE BOX and The Basement). For more information, please visit

The EdTechReflector was developed by the network initiative UNBLACK THE BOX and The Basement, the Digital Lab of the Leibniz Institute for Educational Media.

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